Emblem of House Vilarix, showing a deer, a sacred animal of the Galleci.

Galleci in General==

The Galleci people were inhabiting the fertile lands of the southwest, now called Gallecia since roughly the 300 years before the first Age. There were days of glory, during which the Galleci people lived in all the ends of the continent. They got up to this point because they were perfect blacksmiths, and they are still so today, with the exception that the iron is replaced with steel. But, because they weren't united, but divided in hundreds of tribes, they got coquered, after many bloody wars.The emperors especially hated Gallecians and tried to kill them all.After the fall of the Empire and the rise of the Kingdom, the Galleci lands started to flourish again. The smithing skills were re-developed, steel was discovered, and by now the Galleci claim to be the best steel smiths, making very qualitative weapons.The only problem is that there is only one province left with big iron ressources - Danadoria.

House Vilarix - "As hard as stone, as flexible as steel."Edit

Vor very long Singidun has been a trading place on the routes going up north, but it didn't played any political role, until the very skilled Galleci blacksmiths in Singidun invented a very qualitative methodic of steelworking. Now the Singidunian Steel is seen as one of the best Steel sorts on the continent. An Armament started quickly, and after several wars, the whole region came under the control of Singidun.

Weapons and ArmourEdit

Gallecian Longsword:  One of the most signing weapons of the Galleci, a roughly 70cm long, thin sword perfectly fitting for both mounted and foot combat.

Saunion: The without doubt strangest and most expensive Gallecian weapon, a javelin made fully out of iron/steel 1.7m long and 1cm in diameter, it is very heavy. Because of its thinnes it pierces almost every armour.

Gallecian Spear: Is almost an ordinary spear with the exception of the spearhead, it is very long 45-65cm, wide and thin, so that it's usable for slashing also.

Armour: The "middle" class of the warriors uses mail armour, the rich use lamellar armour.

Corrovanix: The Gallecian metallic horns, with animal heads, creating very deep and scaring noises, is used for organising the own army and scaring the enemies.

Vassals of House VilarixEdit

Anari Danador of Noric - Rulers of Danadoria, the most important vassal of Vilarix, because of the big Danadorian iron mines, and other important metals.

Asarat Pallasix of Medhlan - The territory around Medhlan is full of forests, mainly out of oak, which is important for the grat building projects and the Drakkaneegeuzes.

Norricar Scordisc of Darioritum - The Scordisci are directly linked to house Vilarix, beeing their far relatives. The Rilita river yields big amount of watergold, but only since three  years, so Darioritum as a city is not that big yet.

Sanaax Osismii of Moridun - The little island of Moridun, the " Seafortress" is also linked to Singidun through shared ancestors, most signing are the Moridunian Drakkaneegeuzes, for which they're famous.

Lix Ligur of Gnoa - Gnoa is one of the oldest cities in Auronas, found even prior to the Emperors rule, when the Galleci were flourishing.Gnoa became big because of the very warm and fertile land, perfect for Cotton, and also as a place of working on that cotton.It's Clothes is famous all over Auronas.

Tywwdor Tauresc of Avaric - At the lake around Avaric, the most fertile land in whole Gellecia lies, there the famous Avarian Champagne is made.

Vilarix -FamilyEdit

Verrinorc Vilarix (37) ruler, smart and just, but somewhat cruel in his punishments

Fillina (27) Verrinorcs wife, a calm women.

Llewella(13) has dark red hair and blue eyes.She is smart and calm, reading is very important to her.

Fiona(12) has firered hair, blue eyes. She is very active, but in the female way.

Merlin (11) Kastaniecoloured hair and brown eyes, he is the smartest of the kids.

Deidre (7) is dark as a ravens wing.She is very easy to get out of control and wants to lead battles later in her life, which isn't impossible due to the Gallecian traditions and lore.


Political map of House Vilarix and it's Vasalls.

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