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“Fallos the Bastard, of House Destiri, has been regarded throughout history as one of the worst kings of Auronas. He cared little for the day to day life of the kingdom, his council was mostly corrupt, and he continued to raise taxes to pay for an increasingly indulgent lifestyle. The lords of the great houses soon grew tired of this. Many rebelled, using the rumor of his lineage as an excuse. Fallos was quickly overthrown; unfortunately, Fallos’ lack of immediate family meant there was no obvious successor. Thus began the Bastard’s War, collapsing the kingdom into virtual anarchy for 14 years.

The events of the war are detailed in length elsewhere; to those curious, I recommend Lord Gerrish’s “The Fall of the Destiri”. The wars ended with the victory of Duke Thrasius of Esheroth, who became King Thrasius I. Many supported his claim, and were glad to finally be at peace. Mercenaries like the Black Knights and warrior clans such as House Tlön proved to enjoy this peace less than the rest of the continent. Their restless threatened the newly found peace of the kingdom.

To redirect their aggression, King Tharius I declared a war of conquest against the barbaric Inulus people. Before the rise of House Aestis , the Isles gained most of their prosperity through raids against the south coast, pillaging the rich trade cities, and brutally butchering or raping the citizens, sometimes both at once. No levies were raised; the entire military consisted of mercenaries and “volunteers” from the more militant houses, who fought for land and prestige. Of course, the King originally had no intention of actually conquering the islands; the war was part distraction, part show. This changed with the battle of Aestavath.

The battle of Aestavath is often over-glorified by House Mayeux. No historian will disagree that it was an essential battle that both paved the way for the subjugation of the Inulus and the creation of two Great Houses. However, the victory had little to do with the skill of the Mayeux commanders, and a lot to do with the technology and tactics popular in the heartlands of the kingdom. The Inulus fought in a disorganized array with crude weapons and little armor. Their main strength laid in numbers and fear. Although perfect for terrifying fishing villages, it was useless against a proper army. The Inullus were slaughtered, House Mayeux gained immense prestige, and the Aestis tribe realized that victory for the king was all but inevitable. Rather than face certain extinction, they offered their allegiance to the crown. In exchange, they were allowed to hire northern advisors and modernize their society.

After the war, House Aestis was honored with becoming a Great House, and, along with House Mayeux, given ruler ship over the conquered territories. The Aestis Dukes learned to adapt their ancient beliefs with northern culture, and encouraged their vassals to do likewise. Modern Inulus society is an interesting blend of old and new, huts next to palaces, fishing boats next to caravels. The main exception is the military, which has been fully modernized with iron weapons and armor, and religion, which, for the lower classes, is mostly the same…” 

-“A Brief Introduction to the History of Auronas”, Chapter 4, “The Bastard’s War and the Inulus”, Author Unknown

Vassal Houses[]

House Laica

House Recito

House Praesido

House Malas

The Ventu Tribes

House Alshi

Palaj Familu

Family Members[]

Mercus Aestis, 29, Brother. 

Aiya Aestis, 24, Sister

Sylvio Aestis (27) - Lord Aestis

Currently Married to: Valletta Laicia, 24


Vito Aestis, 2, son.