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An overview of the region and its major points of interest

House Carmarth is known for its mountaineering ways, being aslarge as the many miners and lumberjacks they employ. It is in the center of The Autumnland, and has a small bit of coast where its home city lies. Its sigil is the hunting dog, as loyal as the people it represents to their liege lords of House Walen . It is a Greater House of The Autumnland.

Points of Interest[]

Carmark is the ancient seat of House Carmarth, and overlooks the Eastern Sea. It is fortified, and is built into the side of the mountain range which ends on those shores. Castle Carmark is locarted at the top of the city, and is carved directly from the stone. 

Ruling Family[]

Jeor Carmarth (39)- A loud and boisterous man who enjoys a fight and his alcohol. With arms like tree trunks and a barrel chest, he and the rest of his "half-giant" family are as loyal as the hunting dog on their crest.