House Clegat

House Clegat are a vassal house to House Mandon


House Clegat Rules from the Blackfort. While once rivals to the Rule of the Highlands by House Mandon, House Clegat was subjugated through a series of brutal wars and rebellions, one of which saw the rise of House Estmandon

House Clegat, now, are utterly loyal to House Mandon, and in fact are closely tied through blood.


Black Skull on field of Blood

Motto: Pride Beyond Death.

Family MembersEdit

Alix Clegat (Married to House Tlön )

Oberyn Clegat (Lord of the Blackfort) (45)

Married to Jessica Blackbeard
Rosa Clegat (13)
Stark Clegat (12) (Being Fostered at Greyrock)
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