One of the oldest families of Auronas the House Draenon has its roots on the banks of the River Thamer. 


The first lord on record is Lord Roger Draenon the Charismatic. According to legend, using only his charisma Roger joined all the river lords under his command, founding the kingdom of Thamer. For many generations, the Draenon reigned supreme in the region, until came the High Kings. The ancient Kingdom of Thamer became only a region of the vast kingdom of Auronas. The House Draenon managed to stay in power, however only as lords.

When the Usurper King fell, once more the Draenon gathered all the lords of the river and beyond, founding the Kingdom of Tarnost. However, this time the charisma was not enough, and blood was shed. Now, this new king, Jeod Draenon the Conqueror, has the task of keeping his newly forged kingdom so that in future their successors can occupy it. But for Jeod, expansion seems more tempting than merely sit on his hard-won throne.


Lord John Kroton of Rocky Ford (42).[1] A man simple and rustic, like his House. His castle dominates the only river crossing between Thamerhall and Moonlake. The economy is based on agriculture.

Lord Cedric Watermoon of Moonlake (36). A proud man, like all the lords of the House Watermoon. His castle is a defense to the Sacred Lake, and his family has more pride than resources.

Lord Vroen Kellon of Silent Cove (47). Loyalty and military efficiency is the pricipal characteristic of the House Kellon. Always ready to defend his master, whoever he is.

Lord Jason Drengot of Mouth (27). First Lord of a House newly founded, Jason always tries to impress.

Lord Laran Maranger of Seatower (39). The House Maranger were the last to subdued by Jeod, and still guard a secret resentment. Are geared for fishing and boating, and have a black humor.

Lord Gerin Nocker of Brigdeport (31). The House Nocker is as old as trade and its peaceful side is known to all. They try to stay out of trouble, and they live of the trade of goods from the river Thamer. His castle is located on a bridge, giving them complete power over the entrance of the river Thamer.

Lord Daeron Tanstar of Deep Pit (34). A newly founded House, Kellon share with their ideals of loyalty. However, due to their lifestyle in the plains, are devoted to grazing and breeding of horses, giving their masters the best horses of the South.

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