Shield of House Mandon

 The Seat of the Mandon family is the large citadel known as the Greyrock . While legend states it has never been taken by Siege, it's true strength lies in the rich gold veins that lie beneath it. This gold allows the Mandon to, despite the relative infertility of the north, to survive and even prosper.

Historically, in the days before a unified realm, the Mandon family was a vassal of the Greystone family, which controlled Greyrock. The Greystone family and the Clegat family fought for dominance of the North, and wars were constantly being fought. Eventually, through careful manipulation and intermarriage, when the last Greystone Heir died, The Mandons inherited Greyrock and dominance over the North.  Oberyn Mandon, the current lord of Greyrock, would account his long life and many children to his intelligence and prosperity, though many rivals would account it to his lack of participation in many of the wars of recent times (He is known in some circle as the "Late Lord Mandon" both for his age and his late arrival at significant events, late enough to be able to support the winning side.)

Vassal HousesEdit

House Estmandon

House Clegat

House Masta

House Tastan

House Dastan

Words and Heraldry:Edit

Words: We Protect our Own

House mandon Heraldry: Black boar over Grey Field with Blue Band

Family Members:Edit

Oberyn Mandon (79) - Only Child of Jason Mandon and Rebecca Clegat that survived into Adulthood.

Currently Married to Lea Mandon (Argerico) (27)


Ollena Mandon (9) Daughter,

Alfont Mandon (5) Son,

Craster Mandon (3) Son,

Callie Mandon (1) Daughter.

Former Wives:

Rebecca Masta (Deceased)


Ober Mandon (60) Son (Heir),

Married: Gallena Privalov (Dead)


Thomas Mandon (32)

Jessica Mandon (28)

Caly Mandon (26)

Sophie Mandon (24)

Kimberly Mandon (19)

Logar Mandon (57) Son (Captain of the Guard)

Married: Laura Carmarth


Oberyn Mandon (28)

Rebecca Mandon (24)

Stephanie Mandon (23)

Obera Mandon (56) Daughter,

Joshua Mandon (Deceased)

Sylvio Mandon (53) Son,

Married: Jayne Rhudd


Peteyr Mandon (36) - Bastard

Jon Mandon (29)

Sandor Mandon (26)

Sylvia Mandon (53) Daughter

Robert Mandon (50) Son (Coinmaster)

Married: Lilith Alucard


Zoe Mandon (28)

Sofia Mandon (25)

Sorra Mandon (23)

Kata mandon (21)

Clara Mandon (18)

Amy Mandon (13)

Chloe Masta (Deceased)


Lobellia Estmandon nee Mandon (45) Daughter

Ayse Mandon (44) Daughter

Peter Mandon (41) Son

Married: Josee Bedard


Chloe Mandon (23)

Josette Mandon (22)

Charlus Mandon (21)

Aega Mandon (Deceased)

Leah Mandon (36) Daughter

Kara Mercure nee Mandon (34) Daughter

Bradley Mandon (Deceased)

Barda Mandon (31) Daughter

Joanna Avaric (Deceased)

Kristeen Tastan-Mandon (29) Daughter (Spymaster)

Charlus Mandon (28) Son

Married: Sierra Walen


Roseah Mandon (4)

Rozman Mandon (2)

Karla Mandon (25) Daughter,

Tita Mandon (23) Daughter,

Daria Mandon (22) Daughter,

Danna Mandon (22) Daughter,

Walder Mandon (21) Son,

Married: Jessica Tulium


Charles Mandon (2)

Dorothea Mandon (2)

Carlos Mandon (20) Son,

Married: Annie Faust


Jaqueline Mandon (1)

Jenna Tastan(Deceased)

Tito Mandon (19) Son,

Married: Jessica Lacashtar

Oba Mandon (18) Daughter,

Rosalin Draenon Nee Mandon (16) Daughter,

Theo Mandon (14) Daughter

Brandon Mandon (13) Son,

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