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An overview of the region and its major points of interest

House Radnor is an ancient house whose lands one encounters when travelling immediately east from Walen lands. It has a history of intermarriage and friendship with House Walen and there is no record of border skirmishes between the two Houses. It is a Greater House in The Autumnland.

Points of Interest[]

Sunvale is the ancient seat of House Radnor, and is located on a cove overlooking the Summer Sea. It is a walled city of some 50,000 and its castle is called Sun King's Motte as it was originally a Motte and Bailey castle, which was expanded and upgraded with sandstone some hundred years ago, giving it a distinctly golden appearence. 

Ruling Family[]

Kevan Radnor (51)- A good friend of Lord Bairn Walen, Radnor was a ward of the High Lord's family as a child. He fancies himself a comedian, and is thankfully quite funny. As his family is closely related to the Walen family, he is also of middling stature, with curly black hair and green eyes.