House Vass Edit

House Vass

Banner of House Vass.

An old house of nobility in the west headed by Tyven Vass, son of Kymer Vass and grandson of Gelvyn Vass the first of the Vass family to claim leadership of Strangbor.

"Destiny isn't given, it's forged!" - Gelvyn Vass, said just before his death after winning the throne of Strangbor.

Motto: "Destiny is Forged"

Ruler: Tyven Vass (32 years old).

Heir: Jorma Vass (16 years old).

Sigil: Anvil.

Colors: Gray, Tan, Black.

Allies: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Family TreeEdit

Gelvyn Vass (m) - Ali Vass (f) (Patriachs of the Vass family), Kye Vass (m) (Gelvyn's younger brother)


Kymer Vass (m)  (Son of Gelvyn and Ali) - Tamari Vass (f) (Wife of Kymer)


Tyven Vass (m) (Son of Kymer and Tamari, ruler of Strangbor) - Delisa Vass (f) (Wife of Tyven), Christopher Vass (m) (Son of Kymer and Tamari, younger brother of Tyven), Jami Rashi (f) (Daughter of Kymer and Tamari, wife of Andor Rashi) - Andor Rashi (m) (Husband of Jami Rashi, Knight Lord of Strangbor) 


Jorma Vass (m) (Son of Tyven and Delisa), Koda Vass (m) (Son of Tyven and Delisa), Ali Vass (f) (Daughter of Tyven and Delisa), Joshua Vass (m) (Son of Tyven and Delisa)

History of Strangbor and House VassEdit

Strangbor is an old nation based off their mining and blacksmithing. Many years ago, when Gelvyn was just twenty years of age, the Vass family rallied many friends to overthrow the former lords of the land. Notably the McFaler, Kireman, Delmin and Varhert families rallied to the Vass patriarch and followed him to battle. These families were notably the most powerful in the area and the previous ruler stood little chance. The Kireman and Varhert families had access to the lands more plentiful mines while the McFaler family claimed the best smiths and the Delmin family had one of the most strategical and defensible keeps. Tyven's grandfather fell in the final battle, but the lords who had rallied followed his younger brother Kye Vass, who was sixteen years old, as Tyven's father was just two. After many years, and no offspring, Kye passed away leaving the throne to Kymer Vass. Now, under the rule of Tyven, Strangbor is a thriving mining and smithing nation that produces some of the finest weaponry and armor.

Tyven inhereted the throne at the age of twenty-three, his father had passed away at the age of thirty-seven, and had been married to Delisa for seven years. Delisa was fifteen when Tyven had married her, he was sixteen at the time, and Delisa birthed their first son when she was sixteen, Jorma. She then birthed Koda and Ali the next two years consecutively. By the time Tyven had been placed on the throne he was the father of three children, Joshua was born the year after Tyven took the throne. Tyven has sat upon the throne of strangbor for nine years and is thirty-two years old, while Jorma is sixteen and looking for a wife to come live with him in Strangbor and be the next queen. 


Strangbor currently has five notable vassals and they are;

Corren McFaler - Lord of Whiterun a vassalage to the far north,

Raddin Kireman - Lord of Graymoore a vassalage on the far west of the large lake.

Bulmarr Delmin - Lord, and younger brother of the King's wife Delisa, of Serion Hold a keep to the south over watching the river and bridge crossing.

Andor Rashi - Knight Lord of Strangbor, most trusted sword of Tyven Vass who was a childhood friend of Tyven and claimed the title of best sword in a king's tournament. Husband to Jami Rashi, sister of Tyven Vass. Aegon Varhert - Lord of Anoor, a large mining city. 

Religion Edit

The people of Strangbor believe in two gods who coexist in harmony to bring about the rewards of the earth to those who claim them.

Tor - Tor is the god of wind, water and the skies. It is believed that he cares for the peoples crops and health. He is also believed to grant the people of Strangbor advantages on the battlefield by how the weather changes or acts as they march into battle. Tor is said to have blessed Gelvyn, who prayed to both gods just before he led his rebellion, with the advantage to overthrow the former king of Strangbor. 

Mer - Mer is the god of everything within the earth. He has blessed the people of Strangbor with plentiful mines filled with ores and gems. They give him credit for their great smiths abilities as well, saying that he was behind the teachings that have brought about some of the finest smiths in all the land. It is said that Gelvyn prayed to him before rallying the nobles of Strangbor to start his rebellion.

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