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The Crest of House Walen, the High House of The Autumnland

An overview of the region and its major points of interest

A basic map of Rosehold and the Red Keep

House Walen is the ruling house of The Autumnland . It is ancient and noble, and is located to the far west of the region. It is well-loved by its vassals, and has a history of being just and honorable. 

Points of Interest[]

Rosehold is the capitol of The Autumnland, and is the seat of House Walen. It is home to some 98,000 people and is walled, located at the meetingplace of the Summer Sea and the Red River. The Red Keep is located directly at this intersection, surrounded on two sides by water, and is made of red stone like the walls of the city, giving it its name. It is surrounded by rose bushes, which are also abundant in the city. Rosehold has a moat, which surrounds the city. Its has three gates, the Blue Gate to the north which is adjacent to the Red River, the Red Gate to the East directly opposite from the Red Keep and through which runs the Royal Highway directly to the Red Keep, and the Grey Gate to the south, which takes on a grey color as the sun sets. The city has four quarters. The Western Quarter is full of Merchant Burghers, the Southern Quarter is full of Wealthy Merchants, the Northern Quarter is full of Poor Factoryworkers, and the Eastern Quarter is full of Factoryworker Burghers.

Einford is another major, walled city in Walen lands, and is located on the Red River to the north of Rosehold. Einford has some 60,000 inhabitants and is mainly an industrial city that acts as a waystation for goods travelign down the river. 

Westwatch is a castle between Rosehold and Einford on the Red River, and it is home to a fair portion of the military, notably many Mariner Infantry

Northwatch is a castle to the north of Einford, and protects the crownlands from northern agressors. 


House Radnor

House Carmarth

House Brecknock

House Ludlow 

House Rhudd 

House Faust

House Krause

House Richter

Current Dynasty[]

High Lord Bairn Walen III (51), Lady Roseah Walen (nee Von Valder) (40) 

Sons: Heir Apparent Bairn Walen IV (24) [Unwed though political action is underway], Tyonidas "Ty" Walen (20) [Wed to Maura Belcourt (16)], Vius Walen (18) [Wed to Laura Draenon (16)]

Daughters: Serria Walen (22) [Wed to Charlus Mandon (28)], Heida Walen (16) [Wed to Payton Argerico (16)]