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An early depiction of a Mariner Infantry.

A Mariner Infantryman is an upgraded base infantry unit. Mariner Infantry differ from base infantry in that they are trained to fight in water, such as in bogs and by rivers and lakes and seas. They are available to Houses from The Autumnland.


A Mariner Infantry wears lighter armor than the typical base infantry unit, though they are better trained, being both sailors and soldiers, and are specifically taught to fight in bogs and on riverbanks and beaches. Their armor is mostly reinforced leather good enough to block glancing blows and arrows, and is light enough to wear into the water. When fighting farther from the water, they wear mail armor. They carry large, rectangular, light wicker shields covered in reinforced leather and studded with metal beads, capable of fending off most attacks and arrows. They have spears approximately six and a half feet long with steel points, used to fight from a distance and in shild formation; they also carry daggers for close quarters combat. Their half-helms are leather.