Thamerhall is the ancestral seat of the House Draenon.


The castle was built after the founding of the ancient Kingdom of Thamer, to house the new capital. It was designed in order to house a large garrison, and a large stock of food in case of sieges. The castle has a small population, which includes only the servants and other employees. The region's population is concentrated in Riverbridge, a walled city nearby. This measure was taken after the Bloody Siege, when barbarians surrounded Thamerhall in a time of crisis. Without food, people began to eat one another. This gave to the king of that time the nickname "The Butcher King". After this terrible event, it was decided to keep the population in the neighboring town, which would be ruled by the king himself, as well as the castle. Thus, Thamerhall can resist very long sieges.


The castle has high walls of stone, with rounded towers. Around the wall, there is a gap, filled with water and full of sharp wooden stakes. Access to the castle is only possible by a drawbridge and secret entrances, where to enter food during sieges, and also where the nobles flee. The castle can accommodate many guests or refugees in wartime. Has several halls, dungeons, rooms and towers. There is a central tower that serves as accommodation for the lord of the castle. There's even a small temple, dedicated to the enjoyment of the moon and stars. Outside, there is a fair field, with a large star carved into a rock, symbolizing the ancestors.


To take the castle, you need two armies, due to the proximity to the river. Moreover, all the trees were felled in the area, making difficult the construction of siege machines.

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