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The Crest of House Walen, the High House of The Autumnland

An overview of the region and its major points of interest

The Autumnlands are a place of magic and mystery, with ancient tales and multitudes of myths. Nobody knows for certain how it began, or fell into the hands of the Walens, but their rule is undisputed; indeed, never in recorded history has there been an internal attempt for the crown. From its black bogs and dark forests to its golden plains and shining rivers, The Autumnlands are a half-wild cornucopia of natural goods. The horses in its plains are among the best, and the corn in its fields is tall and green. its lesser lords have a history of border disputes, though the current peace has lasted longer than any other in recent memory. The people of The Autumnlands are hearty and full of life, and are industrious and down-to-earth. 

The southern half of The Autumnlands is more focused on the goods of the forest, with peat, tar and to a lesser extent iron from the bog, Venison and lumber from the forests, fish and pearls and shipping from the eastern coast, farm products and horses from the more northern plains, precious and industrial metals and stone from its mountain mines, and industrial (mainly textile) goods in the western cities, which are also hubs of trade.  


The Silver Faith. The Silver Song was sung thousands of years ago by the gods, weaving the tapestry of life. The Old Father holds the tapestry, and The Old Mother sings its strings, proclaiming the passage of time. It is said that when the song ends, the world shall end as well.

Ruling Family[]

SeeHouse Walen  

Vassals []

House Radnor

House Carmarth

House Brecknock

House Ludlow

House Rhudd

House Faust

House Krause

House Richter