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The Citadel of House Mandon. The Greyrock was once ruled by the Greystone family, who built the citadel in ages past. The Greyrock has seen many advances and improvements over the centuries, as various Lords Mandon saw fit to add to the fortress. The Greyrock overlooks Theoport, a trade hub for the North 


The Greyrock is sitting atop a number of rich viens of Gold.


The greyrock is constructed on two levels, as the hill on which it is constructed rises sharply. The Lower Citadel, as the lower portion is known, is sourrounded by a heavy curtain wall. This Wall sourrounds a Bailey which has a Gate House, Barracks, Chapel, Stable, access to the Gold Mines, and a cistern fed by the Upper Citadel. The Upper citadel is connected to the Lower  by a covered road with cliffs on either side. The Upper citadel is also sourrounded by a heavy curtain wall (Including a gatehouse) which sourrounds a Courtyard with a fountain (Which is built over a natural spring).  At the far end of the courtyard a Large Keep is built, where the Lords Mandon live and hold court.